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SEO – The Great Practices

Many feel that SEO is a bit confusing. They can’t understand whether it is useful or useless. Although many people consider search engine optimization or SEO as a complex subject, but honestly speaking SEO is a very good practice. This practice will increase the search traffic to your site with the help of search engines. The SEO basics are quite easy to understand. You need to sort facts from fiction to do a thorough research into tools which will provide you with more advanced concepts of SEO.

Research seo

You need to build a solid SEO foundation which will help you to point in the right direction for the further study of SEO. For this you need have some good approach in SEO writing that are mentioned below:

General Research and Approach:

You should be able to look at the way you are thinking about SEO and the keyword research. This is important to do before you build your site.
SEO for On-Site: You should be able to build a search engine friendly website and write SEO friendly contents.

SEO for Off-Site:

You also need to build links into your page and website and discuss the analytics so that you can determine what is been working and what has not. Now use this information to improve your efforts in SEO.

SEO approach

Search engine optimization is can be considered as a part of marketing. If you are planning for an overall marketing for your site then SEO is one of the best marketing solutions. You may opt not to receive any visitor from the search engine and still can have a very profitable and successful site. There are many factors which decide the rank of a site or a page on the search engine and you should not get stuck in any of these factors, rather you need to concentrate on all the factors. SEO is an iterative process. You can measure the results; try to improve the working of an SEO, etc. Not only this, it may change from site to site. How it is for one site may not be exactly same for other sites. Then also some of the basic principles of SEO are fairly constant. SEO can generally be categorized into 5 different ways:

Keyword research

On-page SEO

SEO friendly site building and development


Link Building


Successful SEO

Hence it can be concluded that while SEO is capable of providing valuable traffic resource but it is still capable of only one way to attract potential clients and customers to your site. SEO being an iterative process can begin anywhere. Many a times it may begin with keyword search. Keywords are very important as they help to define what kind of market you have and what the market is looking for. Keywords may also help you when you are developing a site, choosing the content for your site, and hence can determine how to write the content.

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